February 25th, 2018

Antediluvian World

The Antediluvian World

The Old Testament testifies to what is now becoming more and more a confirmed history: The civilization before the Flood is represented in so many ways. The Garden of Eden and the advanced state of mankind at the beginning, longevity (life-spans of early man), the stars as testimony of ancient prophets of the Bible narrative, ancient cities, knowledge of the institutions and ways of life of then extant world down to the time of Noah – all of these historical issues, and much more are coming to the forefront of historical research with the Old Testament at its center.  Listen to the audio


History in Cameo: We could call Genesis 14-27 "History in Cameo." What do we mean by that? We need to evaluate the facts before us. God's creation is the starting point for the material world, and the playing out of his will in redemption and the glory of His Son. We start in Gen 9, looking back on history and there are a number of facts that must be evaluated. For Free Download of this audio Click Here
Seth's Ministry, longevity and Antediluvian HistoryAncient History and Longevity: Ten Men were set apart in the text with incredible ages, almost to 1000 years. Good Hebrew writers and thinker (being different from English who get as much meaning as we intend to convey into that sentence) are more contextual, making it imperative to read it in context.

There is something unique about Seth's ministry and life.Being a patriarch, he was also a prophet. The point we find here is that we have this longevity associated with the Sethite line, and these men were the men who were the patriarchs who taught the Word of God to their people. Seth heralded a movement. He instructed men and families to gather together to call upon the name of the Lord. This is not, of course, the first time anyone called upon the name of the Lord. The difference being, corporate worship of the families. For Free Download of this audio Click Here
Adam and Eve Antediluvian History Ancient History and The Fall : Adam and Eve were given paradise. Mankind knows there is within him the urge toward Rest...Paradise. Even though Adam and Eve had to work, the garden was perfectly fitted for their enjoyment. The greatest impetus towards "civilization" is bound up in the issue of the curse. The driving force of mankind is to create some form of the "good life" because we know what we are in, is not natural, but the abnormal state of mankind, although the most frequently observed.

Adam and Eve were taught about two trees. The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. Mankind is not to step into the search for Good and Evil...both Good and Evil... except by the Lord's command. We believe we can determine what it is by our own self verification... what is to be is to be.

By obedience comes life, where we are taught at the foot of the Throne of God. For Downloadable Audio Click Here
Antediluvian World and AstronomyAncient History and the Stars: In the statements of Job 38:31 and 32 we find references to the stars. When we deal with the star systems, there is a powerful testimony concerning the Antediluvian world. Josephus makes the point that "God gave the Antediluvian such long life so they may perfect such things they had invented in Astronomy" demonstrating there are certain discoveries in Astronomy can only occur if people live much longer. For Downloadable Audio Click Here  
Antediluvian Prophets look to the stars for the story of the coming MessiahAncient History and the coming of the Messiah in many cultures:In the Antediluvian world, the world before Noah, we see, in any in depth study of the ancient world, the coming of the Desire of Nations was predominate.

Babylonians with Marduke, Augustus Caesar, Romulus, Alexander the Great....All 4 thought themselves to be the representative of God, in fact the son of the gods.  Modern historians downplay what we are about to describe. For Downloadable Audio  Click Here
Ancient History and Original Source Material:  Our discussion is about Josephus and the issue, original source material. Josephus.was a first century Jewish author. In matters concerning investigation, original source material is essential. All throughout our courses, you'll find us using original source material. We search out and consult experts in their fields. We refer to the original Greek and Hebrew, and pay particular attention to the syntax of the text. What exactly did they say? We offer Greek and Hebrew as part of our training. When you hear us siting original sources, ask yourself, what's the motive? How accurate is this information? Is it accurately portraying the information? Much of these lectures are based upon this type of question. For Free Download Click Here  

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