February 25th, 2018

The Antediluvian World Continued


The salt like effect of the Church and the Laws of Human Action

God's people, the church, will grow in number and strength and when she does so, the strength of sin is uprooted in the land. If the church is weakened, the truth is buried and society runs its steps into chaos and oppressive government because the people begin look to the government  to "save".

Our Lord said if the salt looses its savor, the quality of its testimony the society will rot and trampled underfoot by men. We are not only given John 3:16 to call men to repentance, we must take the economic laws just as seriously. The Holy Spirit inspired the Entire Bible; we must use it and teach it, no matter its offense. For a downloadable audio Click Here

Seth's Ministry, longevity and Antediluvian
            HistoryLaws of History and Human Action and Lamech

Lamech, of the Cannanite line took to himself two wives. He also swears vengeance for a man that hurt him, and claimed the right for his wounding. He claimed the right of Emperium, and justifies it without redress, which is in fact a perverse claim to kingship.

It is interesting, Lamech , who sets the pattern for polygamy also sets the pattern for the divine rite of kings. All throughout history there is the central tendency, as mankind disobeys , to erect laws of their own, of the tendency is to an oligarchy, a monopolistic power. Listen to what problems polygamy and the unjustified "right to kill" bring. For Downloadable Audio Click Here

Adam and Eve
            Antediluvian History The Golden Age: Adam and Eve disobeyed . We find among the ancient writers and ancient civilizations a golden age...and a fall.  Pandora, representing Eve, opens a jar... and her curiosity released a horde of plagues upon humanity...that is the Greek version of the fall. Pandora in fact, means gift... gift to all, from a deity to the original man. The ancient peoples believed and understood mankind lost its innocence and perfection of paradise. God gave one commandment and with their disobedience came the plagues of life sickness and ultimately death. This belief is predominate throughout the ancient societies. When the church does not do its job, men as tyrannical beasts grip the land. The Scriptures teach that God judges his people, and very often the result is tyranny which we are called to struggle against. For Downloadable Audio Click Here  
Antediluvian World
            and AstronomyThe Organinzng Principle of the Laws of Human Action.

There are certain laws of history: There are patterns recurrent which represent the Lord's consistent dealings among the sons of men. There is nothing new under the sun and everything we face has a principled beginning somewhere else.

In the ethics of anything we face, the foundational motive, intent and ethical performance is not new. Our souls are far more complicated than our bodies, and because we are made in God's image there is an order to behavior. For example, throughout history we have set aside a Lord's Day Sabbath and there are many that honor that. There we have a law of human action.

There are laws of human action whereby people recognize authority of a policeman. Laws of supply and demand are laws of human action. Watch the pattern throughout history.

As sin develops, an oppressive state begins its rise automatically, because the church has withdrawn its influence, for whatever reason. Sin misdirects resources and the culture carriers and misrepresents God to the Nation and compounds its wicked effect. This audio will help you understand the nature of a Nazi takeover of Germany and the peril of the United States at this time in history. For Downloadable Audio Click Here
Antediluvian Prophets look
            to the stars for the story of the coming MessiahConvention vs Law: The Rules of Logic are not conventional.  A convention is something put into practice... a habit, a symbol, teaching or practice put into action by a person or organization. Whether or not you drive on the right side of the road or the left... you eat with a fork or chopsticks, you wear a tie or a toga, and all are the desire of man's will. Conventions are changeable but God's Laws are not. Conventions are used among laws and procedures and it is easy to lose yourself in the thought that it’s all convention. There are necessary conventions no doubt, and need order in our lives and can implement order. We are not the captain of our own soul. Life operates and functions by laws. Even a tornado is not chaos, but runs by carefully defined laws of physics.  You can't change the Word of God which endures forever. For Downloadable Audio Click Here  
Ancient History and Evolution The Bible has been a standard in Western Civilization for a long time. The Bible, since the time of the Great Protestant Reformation, has been carried forth from Europe throughout the entire earth. Evolution has grown also and has attempted to drive the Bible from consideration as a standard especially in evolution of the ancient world where we have the origin of the world, man and plants and animals. What about the claims of evolution and theistic evolution? Listen to this audio now or Click for a downloadable version Here  

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