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Despising Sin:
What Is It That Really We Despise About It?
by Robert Gamble
November 25, 2009

Unless you have really been through the ringer, unless you have been really down in the dumps it can be difficult to understand what sin is and how heinous it is.

We often think of sin as just hurting our neighbors, doing a little white lie here and there, looking on the internet when I should be working, not doing my best at my work, or not being a good Father.

We can go down the litany list of sins, but that is not the purpose of this article, my purpose is to get down to the heart of why sin is so hurtful, so wicked and so damaging.

To start we need to define sin and what it really is.  Many have stated sin in relatively innocuous terms, while others have hit it on the head.  The Westminster Confession of faith sums it up pretty well:” Sin is any want of conformity unto or transgression of the law of God.”

“Sin is any want of conformity unto and transgression.”  What that is saying is that the law of God is the definition of Sin.  Saint Paul says it well when he says “I had not known sin were it not for the law of God.”
Many in the Church today are in the debate of whether or not the law of God is something to even worry about; after all we live under grace, not under the law.

To clear up my position on living under grace I will start with the intention and context of St Paul.  Under the Law means you are under the criminal sanctions of the Law.  We are not under the Law’s sanctions, but under the Grace of God to perform.  But the question is “how can we perform if we are sinning (because we are all sinners?)”  We can perform because we are a new creation unto good works.  This “new creation” is empowered by the Holy Spirit; the Spirit working in concert with Jesus Christ and the Father to enable us to have an empowered walk.

Remember, that Christ bought us and the sins we do he takes.  He uses sins to sanctify us and mature our walk.  We are being apprenticed or worked with.  We are being taught the heinousness of sin.

So on the contrary, we are not under the sanctions of the law, but are enabled to keep the law to build something.  That something is the issue.  Just what is it we are building?

There is a large word that is used over and over in scripture and we tend to lose sight of what it really means.  It is used in conjunction with Christ’s Kingdom over and over.  The word is righteousness.

Very often we think righteousness is just a simple word that means “doing right” or “good.”  That really begs the question, because what is “right or good?!”

Paul even plays with the word “good” and says “All things work together for good to them that are called according to His purpose.”  The question is what is He talking about?  Our good or “the Good.”  The “good” is what he is talking about.  We use that phraseology in our today language and say it is for the “greater good.”  The “greater good” is all civilization working together and meshing like a well oiled machine.  But that still begs the question :

“Whose well oiled machine?”

Mao Tse Tungs?

Sin is a contest of two world views or two kingdoms.  Christ’s Kingdom or Man’s?

Sin is the arrogance of man saying he can do it his way or as Frank Sinatra said “I can do it my way!”  Sin is more than arrogance it is the assertion and implementation of man and his stamp of will on the landscape, the earth and all that is in, on and around it.

We are aghast at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, the 100,000’s of lives destroyed and lost.  We are aghast at the untold 10’s of millions that were starved and murdered in Communist countries.  But that does not compare to the damage that the Church does daily by not understanding what sin really is.

We think 100,000 is a lot of people dying.   Even a couple million.  But the Church not standing up for righteousness is sending 100’s of Billions to hell in a hand basket.  The world around us suffers for the Churched people of America not understanding and not standing against sin.

Sin is an erection of a kingdom.  Righteousness is an erection of a kingdom too, but one that will crush sin.  This kingdom is real and touchable, and is more than just Christians; it is a world that runs according to Christ’s intended mechanisms, namely:

- God Fearing Families that understand civilization is the goal not just families

- God Fearing Churches that understand to take on civilization you need a united front of believers that covenant or swear their lives, their liberties and their sacred honor to one another for Christ’s glory.

- God Fearing Government: We need men that fear God in rule, men that understand how a civilization is to operate

- God Fearing Businesses: We need courageous men who will take a risk for God and invest in His kingdom deeply: as Christ noted: take care of the poor and the fatherless. 

This kingdom of God is on this earth and is to rise like a mountain out of the ashes of ruin. 
When Christians play church, when they play around with baptisms, communion and liturgy, when all they can think of is how am I not worshipping God right, neighbors just next door are rotting in their sins, because the Christian will not stand up against the systems of unrighteousness in power and begin to implement a contrary system, a system of Christ.

If you are not hearing what I am saying I will say it clearer:

All the world rots because the Christian Church will not show them how to run their civilizations. 

That includes all spheres of life: banking, commerce, communications, technologies, education, government…the list goes on:  all of life, all parts of life, all of the earth.

When Christ said “Go ye therefore and Baptize all nations”  he was talking about going out and showing them how to clean up their neighborhoods, their families, their churches, their businesses, their governments: in short their whole civilization.  And clean it up with Christ’s System of operations namely: Righteousness.

Righteousness is a way of life, a way of running families, a way of running governments, a way of loving your neighbor, a way to take care of the poor, a way of running your church properly (yes you heard me right, you can run your church wrong and into the ground): a way to operate civilization.

The net result is love, justice, equity and peace.

Sin is the contrary civilization that exists and the Church loves to laud and say “All is okay, those in power have our blessing.”

As the Psalmist says “I look on in horror at the wicked that forsake thy law…”

Sin is horrific and counter productive and destroys the grand building project of Christ’s Kingdom.  Christ makes it His point that we should “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Again it is about a Kingdom and Righteousness.  The Kingdom is the end goal; righteousness is the implementation of that kingdom now.

So when you think in your heart the evil thoughts are you thinking a contrary thought of “If I go down this path lives will go to hell, people will die because of this action, tears and blood shed will result from my lack of action, or my improper action: I dare not do nothing, and I dare not go down that path!”

When Christ looks at our sins in the great day of judgment it is not private a matter: all will be laid plain, and you will see how what we do, whether it is in the closet or out in the open, will build a kingdom of death or a kingdom of life:

“Choose you this day who you will serve, but as for my house we will serve the Lord!”