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Response to the Primrose Path
by James A Stuart, Jr.
March 1, 2012

In reply to the position taken on the broadcast aired by Pastor Wayne Sedlak and John Selck recently, I fully agree to all that was said, and would like to comment on my own personal experiences.

When I look back on the days of my youth in the 40’s, I can now see that it was a much different world then than the world I am living in today.  Knowing what I know now, it is evident that the reason for the way things were then is primarily due to the fact that Christ was in the lives of most people much more at that time than He is today.  In those days most people loved the Lord and honored the Lord’s Day, and families almost always had a mother and a father who loved one another, and loved their children and tried to raise them in the church.  In those days there was no welfare, ADC, food stamps, public housing, state aid to education, few divorces, and you name it.  Now that I look back, government was just beginning to encroach upon our lives as people liberties were being traded for privileges.  People had to be licensed to travel, get married, and someone under the age of 16 needed a permit to get a job to name a few.  When I was in high school in the 50’s, I can remember the huge push for state aid to education, because up until then, educational expenses were taken care of at a local level.  My parents weren’t for it saying that it wouldn’t be long before the people giving the aid would be wanting to also set the curriculum; and that clearly is what happened.  The stage was also being set for the 60’s generation which rapidly accelerated the agenda of the so called “elite”. 

In the early 60’s, when things were still pretty tame compared to now, I served 4 years in the military, and during that time two things happened that seem to have started the rapid slide down the slippery slope we are on now,...those being the assignation of John Kennedy, and the commencement of the Vietnam conflict, which was not a war, because war was never lawfully declared by Congress, and no war has been declared since then has either.  I call them “banker’s wars”.  Being young, brave, and idealistic, I badly wanted to go overseas and offer myself for my country, but was not selected for that duty, which in looking back on it today, was a blessing.  That “war” lasted for 8 years, and absolutely nothing was resolved, and most don’t even know why we were even there.  Of course, I believe it was setting the stage for America’s future, which was to become the World’s Policeman.  Today I see the United States in a state of perpetual “war”, if you call it that, on many fronts.  We now have our troops permanently in over 125 countries around the world, and are active in several armed conflicts that are taking lives unnecessarily, we have a war on drugs, war on poverty, war this, and war on that, and guess what?  No matter how much “money” (federal reserve notes, i.e. I.O.U.’s) we throw at these so called “wars” nothing is ever resolved, except that the mega industrialists somehow gain access to the resources of another nation, at the expense of their people, and our troops who have been duped into fighting in these actions.

In the 70’s I witnessed the final debauchment of our currency when Nixon declared that a person could no longer redeem a silver certificate for actual silver, making fiat money the currency of the realm, and after that, it was no holds barred in the financial sector.  From then on the fraud accelerated, and banks and government became more corrupt than ever, making credit was so easy to get, all one had to do is ask for it, and it was received.  Almost anyone qualified for a so called “loan”.  The idolatrous scramble to “outdo the Jones’s” had begun, and it appeared no one wanted to be left out, borrowing so many I.O.U.’s that they would never be able to pay them all back.  Of course, at that time, no one even knew that one can never pay back a debt with another note, and they also didn’t know that the banks really didn’t even lend any real money at all, or that they are precluded by law from loaning their credit either.  All of this was setting the stage for a huge financial bubble to burst, and eventually it did.

In the 80’s the snowball effect of a run away government seemed to slow down as Ronald Reagan took over the helm.  Conservatives breathed a sign of relief, thinking that now things would change, and the “evil” things those Democrats did would be wiped out, but funny thing is, this never happened, the snow ball effect merely slowed down, but did not reverse itself.

Then came the 90’s with the notorious Big Daddy Bush, followed by the Clinton’s, and the office of the President has never been the same.  Clinton, who obviously was no Christian, which I doubt any president in over a century was either, despite what he said, clearly represented what I would call the forces of evil, and men like him have occupied the Whitehouse ever since, right up to the present.

Again as I look back on this brief span of time, I can clearly identify that what Pastor Sedlak and John Selck have described (prophesied) in their broadcast has come to pass.  In my life time I have witnessed the near total destruction of the family, the total debauchment of our currency, a huge surge in apostasy of so called ‘Christians’, who now prefer to have their ears tickled rather than hear the real Word of God, and I believe, much to my chagrin, that I may live to see the total collapse of this once great civilization....and the people seem to love it that way.  Now people look to government (man) to “save” them instead of looking to the Lord.  They allow for their liberties to be stripped from them in order to be “safe”, and are more willing than ever to be searched before entering a football game so “terrorists” can’t get in (like a terrorist would go through the gate), allow the police to do anything they want to do as long as they can be ‘safe’, and the list goes on and on.  As our forefathers once wrote, “anyone who is willing to give up their liberty for their safety deserves neither”. 

With this said, I applaud the efforts of Pastor Sedlak and Mr. Selck, and offer all of the encouragement I can muster, hoping that the Lord will bless their efforts, and that millions of disillusioned Christians will be divinely sent to this radio show, and will have their eyes and ears opened in order that they may hear the truth.  Please keep up your efforts.