Cities under the Sea: Ancient Cities under the Oceans


Have you read about the many discoveries that marine archaeologists have uncovered on the ocean floor? You haven’t? You are in good company. Most people in Europe and America know nothing about the discoveries around the world (though Japanese television has aired it for years)…discoveries that show us the ruins of whole cities at the bottom of the ocean.

You may be asking, “Why haven’t Americans  and especially American Christians  heard about these amazing discoveries? After all, these are CITIES! How can you hide a whole city?” There’s a story to that…which itself needs to be revealed. What we really need to do is handle the monumental evidence of the cities themselves…That’s the exciting news…Think of it…There are ruins of whole cities at the bottom of the Oceans of the world! temples, buildings, highways, walls, shrines, houses … all in ruins in over 100 places around the globe on the ocean floor.

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