History of the World War- Literary Digest Volumes 1-10


Beautifully Scanned- With Pictures and Maps

ALL TEN VOLUMES of this work are at your fingertips!

The Literary Digest History of the World War
Ten Volumes illustrated

Vol 1 Why this War- The outbreak and the causes-the invasion of belgium, Luxemburg and Alsace Lorraine  June 28 1914- Oct 15, 1914

Vol 2 The German Advance on Paris- Nancy and the Marne Battle
- The Aisne and Verdun- the first winter and the new year  Aug 21, 1914- July 1 1915
Vol 3- The Autumn Allied Offensive- The Assault on Verdun- operations on the Northern Front- The Battle of the Somme- The German Retreat and the Arras and Aisne Battles July 12 1915- May 24 1917

Vol 4- The United States enter the war- The second battle of Flanders- Aeroplanes and Zeppelins- Germany's Bit for Peace Dec 12,1916- March 21, 1918

Vol 5- Ludendorff's Colossal Drive in the West and Foch's First Victories  March 21, 1918- September 20, 1918

Vol 6 Foch's Victories Continued- The Americans Break through the Hindenburg line and from the Argonne to Sedan- The fall of Cambric and the Signing of the armistice- Germany's Revolution- the Kaiser's Flight- The surrender of the German Ships- The occupation of the Rhine Valley and Wilson's Tour of European Cities  Sept 17-1918- January 18, 1919

Vol 7  Russia's Early Victories- Mackensen's Battle of the Dunajec and the Great Invasion of Russia - Russia's Second Offensive Under Brusiloff- The Revolution and the Brest-Litovsk Treaty- Bolsheviki Rule and Russia's Efforts to Right Herself Aug 1, 1914- July 20 1919

Vol 8  The War Against Turkey in the Caucasus, Egypt, Palestine, the Dardanelles and Gallipoli, Arabia and Mesopotamia- Servia's Tragic Defeat, Roumania overrun and the Final Victory of the Entente Under D'Esperey  August 1, 1914- Oct 1918

Vol 9   Italy against Austrian in the Trentino and on the Isonz- The Fall of Gorizia  and the Carso Fighting- The Italian Defeat at Coporetto followed by Austria's Debacle on the Piave- The four years of Submarine Warfare- The "Lusitania" case, Germany's War Zone Decree- Mercantile Losses from Submarines- The Zeebrugge and Ostend Exploits  August 1914- Nov 11, 1918

Vol 10 The Naval Battles off Helgoland, South America, The Dogger Bank an Jutland- Personal Sketches of War Leaders- The Peace Conference in Paris, Versailles, St Germain, and the Signing of the Treaty- The Peace Treaty in the United States Senate- Chronology and Index Aug 1914,- May 1920

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