The Legacy Series


Legacy For Leadership

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1 & 2. Patrick Henry: The biography which focuses on the factors which influenced his rise to courage and influence. Produced in a 2 volumes (in audio format), this audio set will take you from the primary influences in his life to his public career. It will trace in detail the work of the Lord in his life as it takes you through the decision-making process of the great man and how his Christian faith and character turned the tables on corruption and vice, and impressed themselves upon the life of our people.

3. General Stonewall Jackson  "The Mystique of Christian Leadership" - Here is an audio view of Jackson very few historians even know, let alone emphasize. Jackson was a man of "mystery". He actually spoke often of the fact that "mystery was the essence of life." What did he mean? Well, unless a person understands the Christian faith, he may not know that "the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him." Jackson knew that. He also knew that such a truth, capturing the essence of a relationship in Christ and the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in the soul, gave the Christian a powerful "edge" in life. Jackson's faith showed him the inner resolve of soul a Christian was capable of displaying.

4. King Alfred the Great: Another extensive audio biography. This is the heralded Christian king of the England. We've all heard of Magna Charta. We enjoy the heritage of freedom so strongly preserved in America and its predecessor, Great Britain. But, do we know that this was the king who foresaw the need to use Biblical precept in order to bring stability to the realm? But, he mused, “What if God's truth, which is His everlasting Word, were to be included in the laws of the people? Wouldn't that help to guarantee future stability and freedom in the culture? Then, when changes did occur, the culture would retain its Christian heritage and values. His life was REALLY many different lives all wrapped up in one:

5. Davy Crockett: "Not Yours to Give!" - This audio book will really surprise you. The great hunter and soldier turned Congressman and finally hero of the Alamo shows the side of character that made him so incredibly honest and beloved by the people of Tennessee -and all of America. This is the audio book which shows you the man who so powerfully influenced the Christian development and insightful maturity of the great frontier hero. Everyone who listens to this is surprised by its testimony and effect upon them!

6. Signs and Wonders of a New Civilization: It's been said that Christianity is a new way of life. The Romans, who so long mocked and persecuted the Christian faith, saw more deeply. They called Christianity a new civilization. They didn't think that would be a compliment but over the 2000 years of the advance of the faith, God's people have been "Signs and Wonders from the Lord" as Isaiah foretold. See how this has played out in history, whether in ancient times, or in more modern times (such as the impact of George Whitefield’s ministry) as this audio puts Christianity in perspective and answers the "why" question: "Why" is it always the case that as Christianity is vilified, it grows in strength, and overturns the known world by the power of the Lord?

7. The Great Awakening Let your imagination soar to the power of the preaching of the great minister, George Whitefield. His voice could be heard 2 miles away! The control he exercised over his voice alone caused David Garrick, England's greatest actor, to remark that George Whitefield could cause a person to become euphoric or weep like a child merely by his inflection of the word "Mesopotamia."

8: Crisis in Conscience: A Hero's Dilemma Grasp the drama of what 56 members of the Continental Congress went through in their determination to break ties with the mother country and sign the Declaration of Independence. For as Benjamin Franklin put it..."if we do not hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately." They signed this document for us...and the price they paid was enormous.

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