Proverbs 31: The Calling of Marriage


What happens to so many marriages that enter that relationship unprepared for its stewardships and callings? This e-book is powerful in its calling to newlyweds and those preparing to wed! It shows them what the married estate CAN do for them… and the Lord.

  • It is given so that young people can use it to prepare for marriage and finding the right partner.
  • It is used for newly weds and their devotions together for instruction and counsel.
  • Counselors use it to help their clients understand in a quick and easy manner, the roles, callings and principles of married living together.
  • It is used by pastors for sermon material and easy to absorb marital teaching.
  • Parents can use it, while gaining insights of their own for marriage.
  • Christian people can use this phenomenal, easy to read guide book, for encouragement in the potent influence of Christianity of the past, and Christian marriage in particular.Do you know WHO the famous mom/wife of Proverbs 31 really was?
  • Take less than 60 seconds you can be reading this great work in the comfort of your own home.

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This book is not intended nor is it to be interpreted as offering legal advice concerning marriage, family, divorce, remarriage or any other legality which any person may address. This book handles a BIBLICAL approach to those and related subjects. The author is in no way attempting to advise or offer counsel concerning any legality in today’s legal milieu. Everyone has a different situation and marriage and divorce laws vary from state to state, so competent legal counsel should be sought in dealing with the legalities of our society which may affect you.

The examples set forth represent the personal experience of the author and are presented for no other purpose.

For your spiritual counsel, you may wish to see your pastor and the ruling elders of a church where the Word of God is honored for what it is: the inerrant and inspired Word of the Triune God. Other counsel may be appropriate for individuals depending upon circumstances. Each person must do his or her due diligence.

The sole purpose of this book is to offer Biblical commentary upon a variety of topics. Those topics include marriage, family, divorce, remarriage. Of course, biblical commentary will speak in terms of current conditions, but only on the assumption that the goal is to stimulate discussion and public reform and is not to be used to represent advice for anyone facing legal difficulties. Again, seek competent legal counsel for all of your legal needs.

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