"Skin Deep?" The Dangerous Art of the Tattoo Culture ( NO CD's)


A Christian Expose of the radical movement: Body art, Tattooing and Body Modification… Includes chapters on Mental Health, Medical Dangers, Criminal Investigative Authorities, Missionaries of the 19th century’s “Age of Missions” and their historic opposition to the tattooing-body arts practices inside the "spirit" world (occult).

The "Seismic Culture Survival Package" is designed for parents, churches, ministries and schools, to alert and arm our fellow Christians everywhere to the REAL dangers represented by the well-funded Movement that has descended upon us.

    ...Skin Deep:The Dangerous Art of the Tattoo Culture  (PDF)

    ...The free Bringing Sex Home (which you keep no matter what. (PDF)

    ...and the controversial Enmity: Proof of God's Existence  (PDF)

And, no matter what you do, you keep the Free downloadable book entitled Bringing Sex Home!

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