The Debate Strategies of Jesus Christ


The Debate Strategies of Jesus Christ in PDF

Jesus Christ was the greatest debater in history. For centuries people have marveled at His rapier wit, and powerful ability to answer effectively. This is the first time anyone has ever presented the WAYS in which Christ answered His opponents and the WAYS they tried to trap Him.

Christianity does answer the objections of an unbelieving world. But, do you know HOW to present your position when you represent the Faith? Do you know the Laws of Logic God has identified in His Word? Do you know the fallacies of thought used to make a good argument look bad, and a bad argument look good?

The Debate Strategies of Jesus Christ is an introduction to Logic and is comprehensive in its structure so as to include the many components necessary to answer in informal situations. It is a manual designed for those who want the ability to identify the truth in situations potentially confrontational and need the ability to discern the arguments of others so as to defend themselves.

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