America's Heritage Course
Teacher: Wayne C Sedlak

Objective 1: Above all else, to show the student the Majesty of the Triune God and His Son Jesus Christ, demonstrating the absolute accuracy of the Inspired biblical record embedded throughout the whole realm of economic thought, thus giving witness to a real call for students to weigh carefully and consider the case for a strong Faith in Jesus Christ.
    Objective 2: To teach the student how to focus in their listening skills and how to take accurate, concise notes. (This is a preparatory skill for both listening and focusing attention while learning how to organize. This is an invaluable scope of college and future work skills.)
    Objective 3: To give the student a clear understanding of America’s spiritual legacy and how the churches in America counseled the nation at its inception and throughout its growth. This includes the spiritual influence of the Great Awakening and its formative impact upon the culture and institutions of America.
    Objective 4: Give all students a clear understanding how we “lost” our nation during the latter part of the nineteenth century and the movements that created the slide into secularism.
    Objective 5: Students will learn to use their Bibles in applying God’s holy precepts to real-life situations as they developed in the history of this country, including an evaluation of the reform movements of the 19th century.  
    Objective 6: Evaluating the incredible productive, entrepreneurial and inventive history of our nation, both as to the “how” and “why” we became so powerful.
    Objective 7: Students learn how to approach charity and benevolence through family, voluntary associations, church, and free markets. They will learn how our society moved from historic values with charity into the failure of the transfer system, the welfare state.
    Students will learn the key events, biographies, movements and topics of our history.
    Special concentration upon the cultural history of America is made with reference to educational growth, family and values, science, the arts, inventiveness, business growth, law and government… and a host of culture carriers.
Class meets Thursdays at 9 AM- 10:30 (Day/Time may change)

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