The Bible: Intelligent Design or Chance? E-Book


"The Bible: Intelligent Design or Chance?" is a brilliantly written e-book on the supernatural order and structure of the Bible (that consists of 66 books or scrolls) that was not the result of chance nor was there a council that convened to determine the order of the scrolls in the canon, but rather the result of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe who sovereignly determined the order of the scrolls in canon we call the Bible. Dr. Morey's scholarship and dedication for over 50 years to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, has produced a book that will be etched in stone for generations to come." Didymus, President, New Jersey Institute for the Advancement of Truth (NJIAT) Dr. Robert A. Morey

The Bible is not one book. I know it looks like a book; it is bound like a book; it appears to be a book; it feels like a book. But the fact remains that it is not one book but an encyclopedia of 66 books. 

I usually drive this home to lay people by bringing a box of 66 different sized scrolls  up to the pulpit. The scrolls fill a cardboard box; some big like Isaiah and some small like Jude. The audience gets the point by seeing what 66 scrolls look like. I then stress that the Bereans did not come to church with a Bible under their arm or in their hand. They did not own a Bible because there was no book called “The Holy Bible” to own. They checked out what Paul was saying by using the synagogue’s library of scrolls. (Acts 17:10

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