A Bible Handbook on Slander and Gossip


242 pages long.

It's subtitle is "How God wants you to deal with slander and gossip"

Dr Morey's handbook presents and discusses the biblical material, a plethora of passages dealing with gossip and slander beginning with its history in the Bible; Satan's innuendo slandering the Lord God in the beginning in Eden, the slandering of Job by Satan and the patriarch's so-called "friends'< the slandering of Moses and Aaron by Korah, the slandering of Nehemiah by Sanballat, finally the slandering of Jesus by false witnesses.  Then the author discusses the primary texts of Scripture on gossip and slander; Deuteronomy 19:15-21, Psalm 15:1-1, and Psalm 25:8-19, Matthew 18:15-22, I Timothy 5: 15-21 and finally the passages in Proverbs on gossip and slander.

Dr Morey's handbook is full of practical and valuable counsel on recognizing and responding (or not responding) to slander: for instance, 21 signs of how to recognize a gossip monger.  Last but not lease, what makes this little book especially valuable are all the contemporary illustrations of gossip and slander, along with the application of biblical principles to them.  These illustrations are drawn from Dr Bob's long ministry and vast experience as a pastor and as a counselor of pastors (Pastor pastorum) and their parishioners. 

Forward by Dr George P Hutchinson, Th. M., D Phil.

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