Organinzng Principle of the Laws of Human Action.


Organizing Principle of the Laws of Human Action.

There are certain laws of history: There are patterns recurrent which represent the Lord's consistent dealings among the sons of men. There is nothing new under the sun and everything we face has a principled beginning somewhere else.

In the ethics of anything we face, the foundational motive, intent and ethical performance is not new. Our souls are far more complicated than our bodies, and because we are made in God's image there is an order to behavior. For example, throughout history we have set aside a Lord's Day Sabbath and there are many that honor that. There we have a law of human action.

There are laws of human action whereby people recognize authority of a policeman. Laws of supply and demand are laws of human action. Watch the pattern throughout history.

As sin develops, an oppressive state begins its rise automatically, because the church has withdrawn its influence, for whatever reason. Sin misdirects resources and the culture carriers and misrepresents God to the Nation and compounds its wicked effect. This audio will help you understand the nature of a Nazi takeover of Germany and the peril of the United States at this time in history.

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