The Bible:Natural Theology & Natural Law Compromise or Conflict


An E-book of the popular paperback. Dr. Robert Morey's study of natural law and natural theology raises important questions that every Bible-believer will want answered. His careful study and explanation of various Bible passages will yield a useful orientation to the classic arguments furnished us by the Reformers and their faithful heirs.

Dr. Nelson Kloosterman: The present volume presents a devastating critique of natural theology and natural law. Its argument is solidly biblical, and its accumulation of biblical data is overwhelming. I hope that God prospers it so that many will read it and take heed.

Dr. John Frame:  A.W. Tozer said, "the most important thing about any person is what comes into their mind when they think of the word God." If you digest Dr. Morey's book, you will think of 'God' as the glorious One depicted in Holy Scripture."

John G. Reisinger:  I appreciate Dr. Morey's emphasis on making the Bible alone the theoretical basis for science and the arts. All throughout the book he consistently points to the Scriptures as the basis for sustaining everything else.

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