The Everything Revelation Library 20 Commentaries on CD


This is your opportunity to purchase the ENTIRE SET... you get all 20 books (which you can read in any order. Just pick a place and start reading!), over 400 brief, concise audios on all kinds of issues, and dozens of professional articles explaining the Book of Revelation and many associated stories of history, biography, archaeology, science (Yes... Science!)...

... and while this offer lasts... you get access to the thoroughly researched, professionally prepared Course on the Book of the Revelation... its Greek, its prophecies, its historical markers, scientific and astronomic research and studies involving Revelation. Here you learn all you might ever want about the Book... and HOW you can understand the contents of the most POWERFUL BOOK IN HISTORY (except only the Bible itself)...

Remember, you also get the additional Bonuses as well:

Bonus #1: Over 400 audios linked within the books of the Set. Each audio gives insight to applications of Revelation and its impact upon history!
Bonus #2: Dozens of articles,written by experts, about individuals, events and nations associated with the fulfillment of the history predicted by Revelation.
Bonus #3: The Apocalypse Greek Word Studies!   
Bonus #4: The Stories behind those “Mysterious Numbers” of Revelation
Bonus #5: The stories behind the lives of KEY Individuals who would live to bring to pass the fulfillment of predictions in Revelation (over the last 2000 years!)
Bonus #6: The Biblical History… and “The Witness of the Ancient World!”
Bonus #7: The Dangerous and Cruel World of the Romans... and the Life of the Early Church Within THAT World.

Purchase all 20 Books - the entire Set - Today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

It is all here... now. Here's the opportunity. Don't wait. Free Shipping!

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