Cities Under the Sea


Historians and Critics…Have Long Concluded Noah and the Great Flood was a Myth.
Now…Many Scholars Really Wonder How the Ruins of Cities Could be Strewn Across the Ocean Floors

Get your CD set today with Bonuses.

6 bonuses worth about $160

Bonus #1: Ipuwer Papyrus: This is an audio book about the famous Ipuwer Papyrus.. Also, included are the papyri detailing and describing the years of plenty and famine in the days of Joseph, a commentary on some of the most powerful archeological finds in history. $29.95 Value

Bonus #2: The Dispersion: There is an ancient tablet on display in the museum which says “…the gods cast down our work in a day…and made strange our speech…” If you think that’s all the evidence there is for the dispersion of the peoples from the Tower of Babel…well, you will be pleasantly surprised. This audio will show you all about the extensive evidence that exists:

  • showing the travels of peoples from Babylonia as they were dispersed
  • How we know it is the people from the Babel era
  • Why they were dispersed
  • Why God used that particular means of judging society
  • Much, much more  $29.95 value
Bonus #3: “The Booty Record of Karnak” This is an in depth description of the fall of Jerusalem to Pharaoh Shishak of Egypt in the days of Rehoboam. What’s remarkable is the fact that the Temple of Karnak in Egypt describes the ‘booty” seized from the Solomon’s Temple. $19.95 Value

Bonus #4: A Christian Theory of History: Explore, in this audio, a different world view (set of principles for interpretation) – this time founded upon the Word of God as the completed revelation of the Triune God of Scripture. It takes the Christian approach to the interpretation of history…of course, dependent upon the finished Work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Why is history important?

Simply put…it trains the individual in the applications and discernments of WISDOM. History is the study of the principles and precepts of wisdom applied to interpret the events of human society.

But…do understand …History is so important that modern scholarship has rewritten the annals of history so as to implement “social engineering” applications. Hence, the subtle restructuring of society…

Example: “Separation of Church and State” has now come to mean the demeaning of church in society, education, family life, civil governance, media…in short, ALL the culture carriers. History is rewritten so as to leave Christ and His holy Precepts OUT of the interpretation, despite the fact that REAL history does testify to the glory of the Triune God and His revealed Word. $19.95 Value

Bonus #6: ($50 coupon off the Internet personal training set (To purchase – call us Toll Free and mention this purchase)        
Many people have tried to make a go of some valued enterprise by...

  •     initiating a new outreach,
  •     building a new organization or network,
  •     creating a new ministry or
  •     launching a home business of some kind.  

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