Ancient History and The Fall


Ancient History and The Fall

Adam and Eve were given paradise. Mankind knows there is within him the urge toward Rest...Paradise. Even though Adam and Eve had to work, the garden was perfectly fitted for their enjoyment. The greatest impetus towards "civilization" is bound up in the issue of the curse. The driving force of mankind is to create some form of the "good life" because we know what we are in, is not natural, but the abnormal state of mankind, although the most frequently observed.

Adam and Eve were taught about two trees. The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. Mankind is not to step into the search for Good and Evil...both Good and Evil... except by the Lord's command. We believe we can determine what it is by our own self verification... what is to be is to be.

By obedience comes life, where we are taught at the foot of the Throne of God.

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