February 25th, 2018

Old Testament Marital Relationships:
Why was Polygamy Allowed?
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Talk about alternative marriages!  Polygamy!   Why could Old Testament era men have two of more wives? (But, women couldn’t have more than one husband. Why was that?) Solomon had 700 wives! Do you know the reasons God allowed polygamy to challenge monogamy as a viable alternative to marriage relationships? Why were God’s people allowed to indulge polygamy among the covenant people? What was the fallout from the practice?

There were other marital issues in the Old Testament economy as well. Why could a man “go in unto his brother’s wife” if his brother passed away without leaving a child for his wife? And, why could Sarah “give” her husband another wife (Hagar) for the sake of a male heir?

This “Quick Read” e-book is designed to make clear the principles surrounding this ethic, while showing why it was allowed in the first place, and why today, God’s people may not repeat those same principles! Take this opportunity to get at the heart of this issue… and answer the questions so many still ask!  Order this e-book and answer the question, “Why Polygamy?”

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