February 25th, 2018

David and Bathsheba:
From Sin to Triumph

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Very poignantly portrayed! The embedded Chart can almost horrify any reader as it depicts how extensive the “adultery fallout” really was. But this book brings hope as well… How to overcome the effects of adultery, not just studying the effects thereof!

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The e-book that brings closure to the damaging affair of David and Bathsheba. The e-book traces through dozens of damaging results –real societal fallout – from their affair. But, this work doesn’t leave them in despair. God deals justly with the both of them as His own yet mercifully rebuilds their lives together. The real question is this: How can God be “just” with them and yet show His mercy?

No doubt, adultery is akin to the detonation of “atomic proportions” in society. It certainly was all of that in this case. David and Bathsheba’s unfaithfulness ultimately led to family fracturing, genocide, schism and civil war in Israel. But, there was another side to this affair.

God made these two individuals a powerful united marriage which ultimately saved a reformation in Israel and led to the defeat of criminal agitators leading sedition among the people. Additionally, Bathsheba would mature to become the woman praised by her son, Solomon, as the righteous woman of the Book of Proverbs. This is truly an inspired history of God’s love and justice in the lives of those who are His sons and daughters. Buy Now !

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