February 24th, 2018

Dealing with Adultery: Fallout & Hope
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Another easy E-read!  Designed for quick access to key questions surrounding this grievous issue!

The issues associated with adultery are many. Adultery is utterly destructive no doubt, but there is hope. It is NOT the unpardonable sin, for example. Additionally, but there are many subtle causes which the Bible warns us to be vigilant about. There are habits, temptations that provoke the human spirit. Then there the passages of Scripture that warn us as to what God will do with us, and what He expects both His people and society to do with this areas of sin. If you have purchased David and Bathsheba, you already have some of this volume (though much other material is covered there which is NOT here too and vice versa!).

This downloadable book is a quick read, designed to cover the topic of adultery from both the justice side as well as the “rebuild” side of the issue. It also deals with the singular question, “What about the death penalty in the Old Testament? Why wasn’t it ever implemented (at least, that’s the appearance of things!)? Did Christ, for example, change the laws and penalties of adultery when He let the woman in John 8 go home “and sin no more”? Is that all there is to it? Commit adultery and all that happens is “Well, just go home and stop it and everything will be ok?” Absolutely not! But, what does happen then? And what did Christ mean “… neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more” ? Purchase and download below...

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