February 25th, 2018

“Out of Control” Inside Marriage
When One Spouse “Abstains”

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Inside Marriage – When One Spouse “Abstains” One of the “hidden” scourges of marital relationships is the willful failure to provide a sexual relationship for one’s spouse. It’s a plague in both genders, though practiced in differing ways. It may be the single greatest cause of adultery … and marriage breakdown.

St. Paul tells us that such a failure leads to a state of “out-of control(ness)” in spouses. He calls it “defrauding” – an economic term describing theft. He also reaches deep down into the theology of the Bible and calls it… satanic. It is one of the most desperately evil practices spouses resort to when angry, bitter, or just plain indifferent.

It is the one sure way to guarantee Satan’s presence and impact upon your marriage, if practiced regularly, according to Scripture.

By doing so over a period of time, a spouse guarantees the combustion of the home, marriage, and peace of the household. This is equated to a fire, which consumes all in its path. It leads to physical ill-health, abuse, affairs, hatred, and breakdown of any hope for rebuilding a marital relationship in the future.

Amazing! The same Lord who commands people to abstain from sexual relationships outside marriage (in part due to the same “out-of –control” results!” attending the irregularity of “fornication”) – is the same God who commands sexual provision regularly inside marriage!

Surprisingly potent as it describes the power of a sexual diet or lack thereof! Don’t be shocked to find there are some real surprises in this e-book!

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