February 25th, 2018

Grandfather Clock: The Craftsman and His Tools

The Church of Christ lacks “Vision” in today’s world. Could it be the almost universal loss of “Vision” is due to loss of  that body of God’s Word designed to create vision in the Christian? Every precept of God’s Holy Law is a “tool” designed for the hand of the Craftsman… YOU, the Christian in whom God works His supernatural endowments of character (   ) and will (  ). Those “skills” designed to discern, perform and root “righteousness” are skills of the soul…called virtues. The Master Craftsman endows each Christian with His Spirit who builds in us such mastery over time.

The laws of the living God were designed to train us to “see” the finished work of righteousness in the earth… That is the inheritance of the saints! From precept in seed form to accomplished performance in society, the intent is always the same: God calls the Christian to Master Craftsmanship in the erection of a New way of living!