February 25th, 2018

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Our mission is to provide premier Christian education materials focused on the principles of God's Reformations as seen in Scripture.

We certainly believe our generation is experiencing the beginning of Reformation today. Where there is enough data available, the concept of “reformation” demonstrates historically - biblically over 100 consistent cultural developments as Scripture teaches.

Edict of Nantes InscriptionThe Lord is pleased to bring consistent issues to bear upon the Church and society in each Reformation. “Judgment begins in the House of God”, therefore the Lord brings change and powerful maturation to pass, making His Church the primary means of expanding a new way of living, i.e., the Christian faith and ethic. This, we believe, captures the essence of the promise that a mountain will grow in the earth and above all other kingdoms.

Pastor Sedlak, B.A., M.Div is a minister with almost four decades of work in ministry, education, publishing, economics and business (all blended interests focusing upon ministry). His training is unique in that it was pursued through conventional channels but, of necessity, took a route used by few in the field: unique experience in difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances (missions on two continents, for example).

The need for a distinctively different kind of seminary became Pastor Sedlak’s vision many years ago. The initial need is to establish oversight of a future seminary. That oversight must be biblically exercised by elders of a church, well trained to uphold the Standards of that Church and its ministries (including a seminary).

Pastor Sedlak has built four churches over the years. Believing that the Gospel and biblical training can be advanced through entrepreneurial endeavor, he retired from pastoral ministry back in 2001 so as to pursue the ministry in business (publishing) and the training of Christian people in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Sedlak’ Christian parents recognized the “60s” social revolution to be a much deeper phenomenon warranting more than a simplistic concern for both the state of the Church in America and the freedoms of our nation. They inculcated the same concerns in their children. Several questions they raised included the following:

1. What has happened to the Christian minister?

2. Where is the pulpit in our nation’s moment of crisis?”

3. How is it the Social and Political Left have gained control of the culture carriers?”

4. Why are ministers, including the most “faithful ones” unable to WARN the pews effectively, and “equip” the pews to think and act effectively, creating the discernments needed to overcome unrighteousness?”

Sedlak studied economics under the late Dr. Hans Sennholz, the best known student of Dr. Ludwig von Mises. He is perhaps the best known economist for the “sane” economics of the Austrian School, which has repeatedly exposed the socialistic Keynesian, Chicago school, and “social salvation” economic schools popular in today’s society.

Why We Highlight Reformations in Scripture and History

Reformation is one of the GREAT themes of the Bible. Though the word is not used, the events and generational building of Reformation is repeatedly placed before God’s people in Scripture. Where there is enough data available for examination, the concept of “reformation” brings over 100 consistent cultural developments as Scripture teaches.

The Lord is pleased to bring consistent issues to bear upon the Church and society. Judgment begins in the House of God, therefore the Lord brings change and powerful maturation to pass in historic eras called reformation in which He judges the culture(s) and expands His work and worship throughout such cultures.

Psalm 107 is The Reformation Psalm. Scriptural and Historical reformations include:

  • Pre-mosaic Reformations
  • Mosaic-Joshua Reformation
  • The multiple reformations of the Book of Judges
  • The Samuel – Davidic – Solomonic Reformation
  • The Elijah – Elisha Reformation
  • The Reformation at Nineveh heralded by Jonah the Prophet
  • Isaiah – Hezekian Reformation
  • The Josian Reformation
  • The Maccabean Reformation
  • The Apostolic Reformation
  • The Nicene Reformation
  • The Great Protestant Reformations (There were several reformations)
  • The Puritan Reformation
  • The Dutch Reformation
  • The Great Awakening
  • Modern Reformations
  • The Current Reformation (now Global)