February 25th, 2018

Secularization of Marriage and Divorce
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This is another easy to read e-book from the Marriage Plague series but it really will not be “easy to read” witout gaining a grieved spirit in you as a result. Nobody in the churches should ever complain about the horrors of the plundering system found in the No Fault system in American jurisprudence today without recognizing the real “Fault” was the churches in America over the last 200 years.

Over the centuries, the Christian faith has had problems dealing with divorce and remarriage in society. Time and time again, we “gave away the farm” to the non-Christian civil authorities who instituted much more cruel laws and legal systems that plunder marriages and homes, as we have done today. This e-book is easy to order, but tough to “endure ” once you realize what we, as Christians, have lost (more accurately, “Thrown away!).

Order this e-book now… and grieve.

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