February 25th, 2018

A Library in Every Precept

God's Law A Library in Every PreceptGod’s Law reflect the infinite depth of the Lord’s Character and Will. Every precept is pregnant with a library of applications and understanding! Who could have foreseen the development of the Western culture’s due process and civil codes of procedure from Alfred the Great’s adoption of Exodus 20, 21, 22, 23, into the laws of the Anglo-Saxons in the late 9th century? Who could have foreseen the rise of Magna Charta from the adoption of biblical precepts in the developing “common laws” of England in the 9th – 12th centuries? Who could have anticipated the rise of Habeas Corpus as it arose in England’s legal system as a function of God’s laws, but given its foundationally powerful character in 17th century England?

Even the lesser laws of God, such as the Humane laws, and hygienic laws, developed man’s understanding in Western culture. Animal care and concern developed to become systems of protection for animals “The righteous cares for his pet” - Proverbs      Hygienic systems for waste removal took precedents like Deuteronomy 23: 13-14  that insisted human waste be “buried”.  Laws such as the laws of consanguinity (consanguine = “same blood”) kept the culture in the West genetically clean by disallowing marriage among those close of kin (You cannot marry your mother, father, siblings, uncle, aunt, stepmother, stepfather, etc.).

The laws of God have ALREADY proven themselves in the rise of a just, clean and merciful society. How much more relevant need we be?