February 25th, 2018

Living Epistles: "The Picture"

The Bible: Living PicturesChristians call it their “testimony”.  Instinctively, Christians know that they are called by God to BE a Picture of His Will, "read by all men." Such a Picture  is NOT limited to a mere testimony "about" God! God has ALWAYS created living Epistles in each of His People. Those “Pictures” are “read” by others…and are designed to reflect Christ and His Will in the earth... "Christ in you, the hope of glory..." Learn HOW God creates living Pictures of His Will and Righteousness  through the use of His Law (foundationally), upon which the remainder of the Inspired Word has been erected. The Laws of God are foundational to the remainder of the Bible all of which presents precepts that allow us to grow in grace, while growing in fruitfulness!