January 23rd, 2018
Criminal Conduct of Spouse – What does the Bible tell the faithful spouse to do?

What about criminal acts of one spouse, for instance, drug use? Does marriage automatically mean an innocent spouse MUST be compromised by the criminal actions of the other spouse?

“So often throughout history, evangelism, Christian love and heroic faith gained the heart of a society unto repentance. But, so far, in every such case known, later generations offered weak “principles of interpretation” in both church and well-meaning Christians…

The result was a society stunned by the consistently misguided and misapplied defenses of the marriage institution. Those ugly, unjust, and stridently misapplied principles and PRACTICES concerning “divorce”, “remarriage” and “sexual habits inside marriage” created shocking injustices, damaging the credibility of the Christian faith.”   - The Author 

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  Change in Faith into False Religion - What does the Bible tell the faithful spouse to do?

What about a change in religion, particularly a change from Christian faith to something otherwise?  Is departure from the Lord a grounds for divorce in all cases?

Destructive Traits or Perversities – What does the Bible say about How the faithful spouse is to act?

What about personal traits that are destructive of intimacy and relationships inside marriage or include spouse and child abuse or endangerment?

Is Physical Endangerment included ANYWHERE in Scripture as a grounds for divorce?

Is endangerment included anywhere in Scripture as a reason for divorce. Don’t guess. Find out here.

What does a Christian do with idolatry or the occult in his/her spouse?

Is the Biblical issue of idolatry or unbelief of one spouse, a ground for divorce? How often do we hear about idolatry anyway? Is it important enough a sin to initiate a divorce?

What if a faithful Church finds a spouse in sin… and excommunicates that spouse? What options, if any, are available to the faithful spouse?

What if one spouse is excommunicated by a church? Is that grounds for the other spouse to institute a divorce? 

OR… what if an errant Church excommunicates a spouse? What options, if any, are available to the couple before God?

  What if the Church is errant?

If an unfaithful spouse repents, is forgiveness ALWAYS a mandate? What if the unfaithful spouse is diseased from his/her acts with third parties, does repentance mandate a full marital, familial reconciliation?

  Is the innocent spouse bound to forgive if an adulterous spouse repents? Always? Automatically? What are the consequences of the unfaithfulness and how do they impact restoration?