February 25th, 2018
Every pastor… and every Christian who cares to defend (scripturally) the institutions of marriage and family, needs to read… no…LEARN this volume! This is an outstanding work. For the first time in over 50 years of my Christian walk, I have finally read a work that “makes sense” of the alleged “contradictions” in Scripture about divorce, remarriage and all that goes with them. The real “bonus” is the fact that this fabulous work goes on to give us all historical context in the history of the Church of Christ… a history that can be rather sordid… one for which we need to go to our knees for forgiveness and mercy.

Dr. Robert N. Gamble
Carido-vascular and Thoracic Surgeon (retired)
Chicago, Illinois

Does the denial of sexual rights constitute a divorceable situation before the Lord by the defrauded spouse? (You will be surprised at this one!)

What if a spouse denies sexual rights to the other spouse? Is this grounds for a divorce, biblically?  Are sexual relations important enough to the Lord for divorce action?

What happens if one spouse LIED about their unfaithful sexual acts BEFORE marriage? (The Bible does address this too!) What rights does the faithful spouse have in this case?

Are there grounds if a spouse finds the other was unfaithful before marriage (not a virgin)… but that fact was only revealed AFTER marriage?  Just exactly what does the Bible say about this sin? Find out HERE

What happens if there are destructive phobias or other mental challenges that bring harm and financial damage to the situation.

Are there grounds if a spouse is a spendthrift, ruinous to the household? What about extreme phobia - dangerous circumstances for children or others…or… damaging behavior as is becoming more prominent in our society (gambling, drug use, drinking, recklessness in conduct)?  Or are we to conclude that the findings of modern psychology are more important than Scripture?

“So often evangelism, Christian love and heroic faith gains the ear of a society unto repentance. But, so far, in every such case known to history, later generations offered weak “principles of interpretation” in both church and well-meaning Christians…

The result was a society stunned by the consistently misguided and misapplied defenses of the marriage institution. Those ugly, unjust, and stridently misapplied principles concerning “divorce”, “remarriage” and “sexual habits inside marriage” create shocking injustices, damaging the credibility of the Christian faith.”   - The Author 

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