February 25th, 2018

If a spouse CANNOT physically any longer offer sexual gratification due to organic damage, what are the responsibilities of both spouses in the marriage?

If a spouse cannot – due to physical, mental or organic damage to the body - offer intercourse?  What if the damage is due to sinful acts resulting in this damage?

What happens if there is mental illness with disruptions to normal living?

What about mental illness? Is the disruption that often accompanies it, a legitimate ground?  What if the home is crippled and unsafe due to this cause? Can a spouse depart legitimately? There is an answer from Scripture.

Many claim emotional or physical “lack of compatibility?

What about failure to satisfy emotionally or physically? Even if a spouse is trying to be faithful to satisfy?

This is the FIRST study I have ever found which handles the kinds of gut-wrenching “marriage – divorce –remarriage” problems which I, as an elder, struggled to handle. Gripping – at times overwhelming - in the grief we as Christians have had to handle! Now, perhaps, we CAN solve many of these problems!

Douglas Hirschmann
20 years an Elder (now retired)
Menomonee Falls, WI

What about divorce in cases where a spouse (or both!) refuse to cooperate in building the home and marriage? Grounds? If not, under what circumstances may that be reversed, if any?

What about a rebellious spouse who does not cooperate to build the home and family environment? Is it a marriage when one or both spouses refuse to cooperate with each other in their marriage and family culture?

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