February 25th, 2018

Sex & the Churches:
What the Early Church Missed About

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A 90 year old Christian woman once told her friends, “I think we missed something!” Yes, she and her husband were married several decades and never saw each other naked in all those years! Actually, as strange as that true story is, it pales in significance to the attitudes often expressed by the Early Church about sexual relationships and why God made sex. You will see how so much of the church disparaged sex… and why the churches simply didn’t want to handle the subject at all. Was it any real surprise the churches opted for celibacy as a “higher spiritual state”?

Truth of the matter is simple here. Sex is designed by God to bless and teach the soul in many vital relationships concerning wise and good behavior.

Included in the e-book is a  Chart which helps parents explain the necessity of clean sexual habits and why they are necessary for society and church to function safely and maturely. Order now – Better to not “miss something” for so long.

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