January 20th, 2018

The Marriage Plague
NOW Only $19.95!

This is the “600 pound E-gorilla”. It incorporates all of the issues of the “Quick Read” Marriage Plague e-books (however, there are other things offered in them, not necessarily found as readily in this. So, there is a difference!).

Though each individual e-book focuses on a single problem, this is the work that ties all the issues and ends together (so far as any single work can do in one place on these subjects). So if you want to get a full view of the issues surrounding Christian views of marriage and divorce, Christian remarriage views, Biblical sanctions (?!), “Christian” celibacy, vows, divorce views, sexual habits described in Scripture, and a host of other issues, here’s the complete “bird’s eye” view of 2000 years of havoc in the churches surrounding these views and their potential solutions…. Here’s the e-text you would be looking for!

Why buy each of the smaller series e-books for $ 7.95, when you can, in essence, get their positions and issues (so to speak) in one volume for $19.95? (However, many might insist that each of the series focuses well on a subject ... making it easier to handle and retrieve when necessary.)

You will, perhaps, better understand why the so-called divorce plague among Christians and in society, is better referenced as a MARRIAGE PLAGUE.

We’ve already got Marriage Plague. Why not find an antidote…here!

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