February 25th, 2018

ALL of the Alternative Views of

“Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage” 

will R
eplace the Christian view of marriage

IF the Churches  Don’t Act Soon

What the Church NORMALLY does throughout history is to put a salve on the problem by dressing up the issue in some manner such as


  • an appeal to tradition,
  • a demand to bring back sound doctrine (But without a solution to divorce ethics)
  • the charge that churches “must start acting like churches”… and
  • a call to restore morality.

But, all that really happens is:

  • traditions which VARY from each other on this issue get restored and confusion again sets in to the point that eventually the only “tradition” left among Christians is the one that allows for marriage to be a God-ordained institution consummated between a male and a female (and we are barely holding on to that last issue legally in America)…
  • The churches run back to restore sound doctrine only to trip over all the disunity and confusion amongst them…Christians talk of unity…but in practice, they act otherwise. This continues until many again FLEE from the word and concept of “doctrine”, not knowing how to defend what is defined by this or that church as “sound doctrine” or what is true doctrinally to begin with. Click Here for your copy of The Marriage Plague
  • The churches begin again to implement courts which have no laws, no real precepts for judicial guidance and they damage people’s names and reputations, provide fertile ground for offense and schism, and lead civil law back to the fount that produced the toxins which poisoned us to begin with (such as “no fault divorce”)…
  • What morality? We will show the claim to a basic morality does NOT exist and what goes for morality is only a cheap imitation of an extremely watered down Christianity.

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What can be said now is this:

…The host …the major propagator of the plague …is…none other than … the gatekeeper …the Christian Church.

We …the Churches… are the problem.

(But, we … the Churches… are Called by God to be the solution!)

The Carriers … the proliferators of this plague (though unwittingly so)…

… are individual Christians and the other “culture carriers” (family, church, schools, government, publishing, books, forums, periodicals, social sciences, websites, blogs, etc).

The doctors treating the symptoms are a virtual army of counselors, pulpiteers (pastors), theologians and, yes, authors.

The Plague?

This epidemic, with its long history of outbreaks upon Western society and the Church, has produced… just that – PLAGUE.

We will be dealing with Marriage and all that goes with it (historically, culturally, Biblically):

marriage, remarriage, “engagement”/betrothal, divorce laws, marital customs, “living together”, church courts, roles in marriage, child-rearing goals, worship, church and Christian  affiliation/practice, civil authority and marriage/divorce, laws of consanguinity and affinity, sexual mores, dating and courtship (preparation for marriage) … and several key passages in Scripture concerning which NONE of the “doctors” (theologians) appear to be in agreement.

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That said… as a “doctor”, it is now time to write a prescription. The question which remains is whether the host will be able to swallow the antidote.

If not, the fear is the host will not accept the “prescription” and refuse to take the “antidote”. That means the only possible “solution” will be radical surgery. That, of course, is left to the GREAT PHYSICIAN. He has undertaken such “surgery” many times prior to this generation, both in His Church and in society. But, there’s just something about “Vengeance is mine, I will repay” that should make us all recoil from the very idea of undergoing the Surgeon’s knife.


So, for all concerned about marriage and divorce and all that goes with, perhaps this book can begin a new debate. Perhaps, that debate will accomplish the following:

  • Demonstrate the harmony of the New Testament passages (Gospels and epistles) and the Old Testament precepts in the Pentateuch, poetic and prophetic books concerning marriage, divorce, remarriage and the problems surrounding these topics.
  • Provide suggestions for the proper handling of, and the solutions to, these issues.

But, there’s’ much more to be discussed and studied. This BOOK handles questions you’ve probably asked many times!


The Marriage Plague provide specific answers to the whys and wherefores of Old Testament practices that affected marriage and divorce such as…


Levirate marriage

Onan’s sin (and death)

Hannah’s trial (and triumph!)

“Helpmeet” functions


David’s sin and recovery

The godly mother of Proverbs 4

Nehemiah and Ezra’s “mass divorces”

Esther’s marriage to a pagan king

the wonderful woman of Proverbs 31

… and many others. Click Here for your copy of The Marriage Plague

This book severs Christianity from Greek or Roman outlook, customs and laws, which have “contaminated” biblical interpretation too long…


  • The Marriage Plague also provides a real defense for marriage by reconciling passages in the Gospels among themselves and with the Word of God in other books of the Bible (notably Genesis and Deuteronomy which Christ repeatedly quoted),
  • The Marriage Plague institutes a profoundly different approach to marital preparation,
  • The Marriage Plague handles divorce as GOD handles it without subsidizing wicked parties inside marriage, or bludgeoning innocent parties inside divorce, or …
  • The Marriage Plague deals with the fallout of unbelieving children, as well as semi-orphaned ones.
  • The Marriage Plague rids Christianity of that awful excuse for hurting others with remarks such as “God can do anything.” No. He cannot. He says so. “If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.” – II Timothy 2:13
  • The Marriage Plague is now available here.

Because God CANNOT DENY HIMSELF, we must fear the Lord and, because of that fear:

  • bludgeoning innocent spouses (oppression)
  • exasperating the spouse who is attempting to undo the effects of the uncharitable/guilty spouse
  • helping to apostatize Christian children (aiding the spouse who is leading them away from the faith in Christ)
  • subsidizing evil spouses (supporting evil)
  • allowing magistrates to support practices that subvert the marriage institution… in the name of “defending” it. (A lack of “wisdom in the gates…”) 

    Look at the above five items and see if you can convince yourself that “stumbling block” isn’t an issue here… for millions ... throughout the last 2000 years! 

     Above all, let’s STOP tearing our New Testament from the Old Testament foundations… AS IF God were ashamed of what He had written in the Old Testament and suddenly “woke up” to His mistakes there, thus authorizing His Son to correct them in the New Testament.

    Thus saith the Lord ought to be our answer in ALL situations. Old and New Testaments alike.

    We will see.

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