January 23rd, 2018

Cities Under the Sea

Historians and Critics…Have Long Concluded Noah and the Great Flood was a Myth.

Now…Many Scholars Really Wonder How the Ruins of Cities Could be Strewn Across the Ocean Floors

 Marine Researchers Find the Remains of “Cities” on the Ocean Floor! 

   Learn the Facts that Build Faith

Gain the “Tools” to Make This an Issue for Church and Society!  

Thank you again for this information. This is just overwhelming! The discovery of these cities under the ocean may become the greatest archaeological finds of all time. I can’t imagine anything more spectacular than finding whole cities …extensive urban developments…boulevards, walls and arches, buildings, pyramids - an advanced civilization! - in perhaps, as many as 100 places.

A once advanced society, now covered in silence by oceans and seas around the world, can actually be studied! That is utterly mind-boggling! I simply did not realize how much MORE there was to this astonishing issue which is only now beginning to surface in this country as well as around the world. 

As a medical scientist and professional scientific researcher, I was certainly curious about the details of this advanced civilization. This powerful series you’ve developed paints a clear picture and fills in the “skeletal framework” of this whole issue. I had no idea so much was known about the Pre-Flood era…Of course, I never expected to be alive to see a time in which the actual cities of Noah’s world would be found. What a humbling — and joyous — experience! 
-Dr. Robert N. Gamble
Medical Scientist, Professional Researcher (retired)
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Are you aware of the many discoveries marine archaeologists have uncovered on the ocean floor? You haven’t? You’re in good company. Most people in Europe and America know nothing about the discoveries around the world (though Japanese television has aired it for years)…discoveries which show us the ruins of whole cities at the bottom of the ocean. You may be asking, “Why haven’t Americans - and especially American Christians - heard about these amazing discoveries? After all, these are CITIES! How can you hide a whole city?” There’s a story to that…but we will get to that later. What we really need to do is handle the monumental evidence of the cities themselves…

That’s the exciting news…

Think of it…There are ruins of whole cities at the bottom of the Oceans of the world!

What we are handling may become the greatest series of discoveries in archaeological history…except this time it’s the field of marine archeology. That’s right. It’s NOT some “Christian” individual, church, or research group. The beauty is, it’s the very institutions, people and groups - even nations (such as the atheistic Fidel Castro’s Cuba) - that have promoted or at least agreed with the contrary atheistic view of science! So, we get to “watch and see” what the world…and the churches…will do with many of the following:

  • Temples and sacrificial platforms located under the ocean…
  • Arches bridging the ruins of man-made stonework lining the bottom of the high seas …
  • Walls that run for hundreds of yards along the ocean floor…
  • Boulevards, highways, and roads that extend for…well…miles off the coasts of countries around the world…
  • Large buildings, once inhabited, testify to a now non-existent and very advanced civilization of yesteryear…
  • What are those huge, ‘many-miles-long’ (over 20 miles long, in fact) man-made “mystery” structures in the Atlantic Ocean?
  • How many miles long is the urban underwater development off the southern Ryukyus? (Hint: 2-digit answers aren’t even close.)
  • …and then there’s that huge, fossilized pine forest on the ocean bottom off Florida….You just won’t believe this… 

What do you think knowing just these facts could be worth for personal faith, teaching, writing, and leading others? 

"This isn't just a glimpse inside a series of world-class scientific discoveries... it's like backing up a U-Haul truck and raiding a whole quarter century’s worth of scientific, historical and Biblical files...only this time, these disciplines are in agreement! An advanced civilization was once overwhelmed by Flood...The Bible taught it...while history and the sciences have now confirmed it. The secrets of that civilization will, I believe, give up more and more over time about the nature of the world-wide civilization that provoked God to bring it to an abrupt end! As it is, this set gives us enough to handle on this subject for… say… the whole next decade. 
- David Paul 
Educator, Missionary 
Stoughton, Wisconsin