February 24th, 2018

Noah's Flood

Let’s face it. When we hear someone making such statements like “cities under the oceans”, we do tend to be skeptical…and we should be. That’s natural. Our defenses should be up when we hear such things. Why? Simply because such a claim MUST prove that it could only happen “once in a lifetime”.

Is this discovery a “once in a lifetime?”

Actually, we keep saying “discovery” (singular) but it really is “discoveries” many dozens of them in fact…so many that it will take years to study them all scientifically…But, many think that this represents one of those unique…one and only one “happening of a lifetime…”
But…we don’t think so…

Why? Because we are confident that there will be MANY more discoveries concerning these cities over the next 2 or 3 decades. Given that, then finding cities all over ocean and sea bottoms around the world should convince you that this is a “once in a lifetime ‘discovery’” (again, “discoveries”). Now, ask yourself, can anything surpass such impact?

Ponder this:

  • These cities caught the scientific world completely off guard… (We will share some of their reactions with you.)
  • The cities have caused many evolutionists to accept the fact that there was global flooding several millennia ago. (We will tell you what they are scrambling to “come up with”. You won’t believe it.)
  • Most of those intimately involved with the actual discovery process have testified repeatedly that these cities will cause “history itself to be rewritten”… (This isn’t our language, though we agree. These are statements of researchers and scientists. We will give you some of their “quotes” to weigh.)
  • Asian nations especially have been really attuned to the new discoveries… (We will show you their surprising accounts of these discoveries.)

Think of it! If scientists, research institutes, historians… professionals all… have been “shocked”, “stunned”…”confused”… by what they’ve found…How do you think people who hear YOU speak about this series of discoveries will react?!! These are people who, all their careers, have flaunted the message of “long evolutionary epochs”, man’s “primitive beginnings”, “the meaninglessness” of our planet, the “post-Christian era”…

Everyone NEEDS desperately to believe in truth… and that “right” will “win in the end! That’s the way we are made.”

In a recent article in the National GeographicTM magazine, evolution defender/author David Quammen commented that for decades now… “Still fewer Americans, only 12 percent, believed that humans evolved from other life-forms without any involvement of a god.” His conclusion was drawn from a Gallup Poll conducted in February of 2001. The real surprise was that Gallup Polls conducted in 1982, 1993, 1997, and 1999 showed (in his words) “…the statistical breakdown hasn’t changed much in two decades.” Even more surprising (is that possible?) is the fact that, according to the Polls: “…The creationist conviction that God alone, and not evolution, produced humans has never drawn less than 44 percent.” (Emphasis added)

“Was Darwin Wrong?” National GeographicTM, November 2004, p.6. (Obviously, this author and magazine do not endorse this current page information/offer.)

Here -- in just this one set
-- are the “tools” you will have at your disposal

We live in an age where science recognizes itself to be in a state of crisis. The crisis involves “interpretation”. Scientific discoveries are challenging and overthrowing theory after theory. Amazingly, the facts tend toward justifying biblical world view truths…One scientific GIANT, a veritable “Who’s Who” among scientists today is Dr. Robert Jastrow. His famous statement caught the scientific community off guard. His now famous statement shows the direction discoveries are taking around the world…

“For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.” -Dr. Robert Jastrow

(It should be noted that, to our knowledge, Dr. Jastrow has not commented on the “cities” under the ocean nor, of course, this page or offer.

It’s time to ACT!

But wait…we’ll handle that in a minute…

You’ve got bonuses coming!

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 Bonus #1: Ipuwer Papyrus: This is an audio book about the famous Ipuwer Papyrus.. Also, included are the papyri detailing and describing the years of plenty and famine in the days of Joseph, a commentary on some of the most powerful archeological finds in history. $29.95 Value
 Bonus #2: The Dispersion: There is an ancient tablet on display in the museum which says “…the gods cast down our work in a day…and made strange our speech…” If you think that’s all the evidence there is for the dispersion of the peoples from the Tower of Babel…well, you will be pleasantly surprised. This audio will show you all about the extensive evidence that exists:

  • showing the travels of peoples from Babylonia as they were dispersed
  • How we know it is the people from the Babel era
  • Why they were dispersed
  • Why God used that particular means of judging society
  • Much, much more… $29.95 value
Bonus #3: The Flood …Around the World: This is a simple chart, but very effective in presenting a “snapshot” of the ancient peoples and their beliefs about a global flood…and… it is an informative chart with key Flood stories compared in columns in Excel chart formatting for easy reference… You can have this information FREE and easily referenced for quick comparisons among different nations…Shows in brief, what these nations believed about the Flood of Noah! $9.95 value!
 Bonus #4: “The Booty Record of Karnak” This is an in depth description of the fall of Jerusalem to Pharaoh Shishak of Egypt in the days of Rehoboam. What’s remarkable is the fact that the Temple of Karnak in Egypt describes the ‘booty” seized from the Solomon’s Temple. $19.95 Value
 Bonus #5: A Christian Theory of History: Explore, in this audio, a different world view (set of principles for interpretation) – this time founded upon the Word of God as the completed revelation of the Triune God of Scripture. It takes the Christian approach to the interpretation of history…of course, dependent upon the finished Work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Why is history important?

Simply put…it trains the individual in the applications and discernments of WISDOM. History is the study of the principles and precepts of wisdom applied to interpret the events of human society.

But…do understand …History is so important that modern scholarship has rewritten the annals of history so as to implement “social engineering” applications. Hence, the subtle restructuring of society…

Example: “Separation of Church and State” has now come to mean the demeaning of church in society, education, family life, civil governance, media…in short, ALL the culture carriers. History is rewritten so as to leave Christ and His holy Precepts OUT of the interpretation, despite the fact that REAL history does testify to the glory of the Triune God and His revealed Word. $19.95 Value
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