February 25th, 2018

“Professionals Prepare. Amateurs Merely Arrive.”
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Marriage Contract

Prepare Biblically. Live Victoriously.

So the saying goes… In the professional world of everyday life, those who are successful (“professional”) are the ones who prepare for the problems – count the cost – long before they enter the calling.

Amateurs merely step into their decisions without real foresight and planning.

So it is with marriage. How many Christian people use the specifics in Biblical preparation for marriage – to safeguard the relationship which is the most important decision of life – save only faith in Jesus Christ alone?


  • How many people know the contents – the details from Scripture – concerning a marriage contract?
  •  How many marriages may protect themselves from “No Fault” decisions with a properly ordered marital contract?
  • How many husbands consider a dowry to be necessary for the sake of their wife to be?
  • Just exactly who is protected by the dowry?
  • Why is courting vital to protecting the marital covenant?
  • One of the biggest CAUSES of divorce is its lucrative nature. The legal plundering of a spouse has given MUCH incentive to the legal authorities to keep divorce “No-Fault” and keep divorce settlements complicated and thereby expensive. Can this be avoided through careful use of biblical laws?
  • What is the ONE central Calling of Marriage, according to Scripture? 
  • What has happened to the Word of God? Why hasn’t it been used to handle these issues? Could it be that too many clergy over the centuries have not known what to do with the passages of Scripture which appear to contradict each other (they really don’t, as is demonstrated in The Marriage Plague).

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