January 23rd, 2018

Pulpits Lacking

What Your Pulpits Aren’t Telling You…

Using Issues in the News for Regaining the Pulpits in the Churches

Christians and their churches are, all too often, unable to place biblical “proofs” side-by-side with sound thinking in many disciplines. But, too often,  the churches have “wandered” as well, getting away from key subject matters, or simply not understanding how to defend truth in many areas, much less how to recognize applications.

photo of open bibleYet the Church is called by St. Paul, “…the pillar and ground  of  the Truth.” (I Tim. 3: 15). It seems embarrassing, even pointless to speak of the churches in such a manner if the alleged “Pillar-and-ground-of-Truth-bearing-churches” refuse to address subjects in which people need answers.

Th Bible commands the pulpits to teach and preach the underlying principles which address All of Life and its disciplines. Here, we will be offering those subject matters that pulpits, by and large, refuse to address.

This is a ministry… and a  vital one for Christians everywhere. It is designed to help you evaluate the world around you, and act wisely within it.

Please select an example topic below:

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