February 23rd, 2018

 Marketing training conducted by

Wayne C Sedlak

Internet Marketing specialist with the following credentials:

Expert Internet Marketing with experience in numerous markets:

Stock market promotional for renowned stock market expert and author (market analyst & consultant with a trillion dollars under management for many investors/firms). Comments made by people surrounding the project "Looks as if you hired a professional advertising agency!".

  Health & nutritional promotions  Real Estate marketing  Radio promotions  Professional services promotions
 Manufacturing business  Publishing promotions  Educational promotions  Online Retail stores marketing
 (B2B) promotions  Computer sales promotions  Auction marketing  Home businesses
 "Spot commercials" promotions  New product introduction to the market  Church promotions, charities  Automotive online sales
 Home school entrepreneurs  Training students  Chiropractic online marketing Handicapped or Home bound students training
 Article marketing and ghost writing for and/or training of individuals who are experts in their fields. Article marketing so as to position such person(s) as recognized experts in their respective fields.

One of our students was legally blind and physically incapacitated. In less than four months we helped him create an online business that grew from nothing to five figures per month.

Being blind is a real disadvantage no doubt. But, being disabled and homebound on top of that brought me to the point of real desperation. Fortunately, my friend Wayne Sedlak introduced me to the skills necessary for building a business online.

Taking one skill set at a time, avoiding scams, and being diligent with my new internet marketing business, I was able, in just a few months, to build my gross revenues to five figures a month thus far. Think of it! From zero to five figures in just a few short months!

What Wayne taught me was not only an online set of skills, but sound principles of economy and good marketing principles. Thank you very much Wayne.

-Sirichai Wiriya
Wilmington, North Carolina
Call to Apply: 1-262-675-0669

Wayne has trained under top internet marketing specialists around the country for skill levels not taught in University or college systems.

He has trained under business and marketing experts such as ...

 Jay Abraham: One of the leading marketing experts in the world today. Jay is renowned for his marketing expertise and is sought out by companies world-wide. He is regularly called upon by Fortune Five Hundred Companies as well as many

 Wayne is a student (and friend) of Internet Google Adwords expert Perry Marshall. Wayne's mastery of Adwords is one of the powerful applications available to businesses which need to develop their online presence.

 Thomas Antion: A brilliant internet marketer, author, public speaker and trainer, he personally trained Wayne at his training center.

 Dr. Hans Sennholz.: The late Dr. Hans Sennholz was one of the world's leading free market economists. He has been written up in many journals worldwide including the Wall Street Journal.

 World Talk Radio: Wayne has been a radio talk show host and has featured some of the top Internet marketers in the world, including names such as Perry Marshall, Jason Potash, Dave Busch. His show has also featured some of the top scholars and thinkers in their respective fields such as Insider Trader expert and author George Muzea, Attorney Chris Klicka, and a variety of authors

I've been involved in Internet marketing almost since the beginning of the Internet. I have seen it grow and develop into a powerful set of skills and "not-so-obvious" principles of marketing maturity. Direct response marketing online is known by relatively few in the online world. Your online approach encompasses literally hundreds of techniques, tactics and skills of online marketing discernment, which so many small businesses and entrepreneurs need if they are going to build and compete with their businesses... Or if they are involved in charity work or outreach, they should learn these skills for themselves so as to build, research and expand their influence, while making contact with more people globally, nationally, or locally. With these principles, markets and clients can now be accessed and targeted almost immediately...and qualified for direct response quickly, saving expense and time. I believe Wayne's skills fill a needed gap in the thinking of people and small business.

Robert Laplante
Internet marketer
Online technology engineer/ Webmaster

Call Toll Free to Apply: 866- 735 - 5871


I am a professional Webmaster and quite familiar with the Internet and the needs of those who market on it. Over the past year, I have learned so much about Internet marketing from Wayne. This now helps me to better advise my clients who ALWAYS seem to need that kind of input. People think just creating a website is enough to get qualified traffic - hungry customers. It just isn't so. I've learned a tremendous amount about opt ins, exit strategies, mini-sites, direct response, email marketing, search engine optimization principles, keyword strategies, and a whole host of principles you just don't get in schools and colleges. I am thankful for the insights which have made me a much better designer.

-Peter Westermann
President, DigitalReflexion.com
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Call Toll Free to Apply: 866- 735 - 5871

So… What do you have to lose? Apply now… or lose the opportunity of a lifetime.
You may NEVER have an opportunity like this again.

P.S.: Nearly forgot to tell you ALL you get with this small business marketing training!

Here’s what you get with this program:

1. The program is offered2 days a week,two time slots a day for all time zones in Continental U.S.A. You can choose your time slot and even vary it (space allowing), if needed over the weeks the program is offered.

2. You can get on the same topic again (space permitting), later in the same week. You will also receive access to the archived lessons. ($200 value)

3. This is a discounted program. First come first serve. There are ONLY a certain number of openings. And when that closes… it is closed.

4. You will receive a set of 40 CDs (audio) for your review of principles of Internet marketing. ($250 value, as availability lasts)

5. You DO NOT need previous Internet experience. You DO NEED a computer and an Internet access during the training.

6. If you don’t already have a home business of your own…we will teach you HOW to use the Net to find the kind of home business opportunity you want to own or develop for yourself.

7. Subscription for free newsletter “The 2 Minute Drill” (if you register or sign up). ($25 value). Designed for Internet marketing to home businesses of all kinds.

8. 2 additional Lessons per month for 10 months AFTER you finish training. ($100 value, yours free)

9. Group rate for this offer only… (Discount saves you literally thousands of dollars).

10. Free evaluation of any website you develop. ($150 value)

11. Free participation in Internet Marketing forum (when available) for additional help throughout the year from others in the field.

12. Ebook PDF Guide to Internet Marketing (Leveraging Influence Guide - $30 value).

13. Group discounts on a variety of Internet services IF you wish them. There is no obligation to do so. There will be no pressure to avail yourself of them. They are offered as a help and convenience only.

PPS. What’s being offered is small business marketing training to fit your schedule: convenience, schedule flexibility, thousands of dollars in training saved (see below) and bonuses worth over $ 750-, free with your registration and payment.

PPPS. A program like this is worth $6000 (small businesses have paid that much and more) … in the market. That is a price Wayne charges for individual training in a small or intermediate size business setting). Usually a program like this –tailored for individual businesses would cost (literally) ten times the amount of this discounted program.

This discounted program is offered on the basis only of filling the slots available. After that, no more can be accepted.

But, it’s not being offered at that price.

$3000? Nope.

$2000. Wrong again.

$800. Still too high. Way too high.

Guess Again.

Phone: 1-262-675-0443
Toll-Free: 1-866-735-5871
FAX: 1-262-247-0604 

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