February 25th, 2018

Revelation: Comprehensive History or Narrow Slice of Time?

Is the Book foretelling a comprehensive history (between the Advents of Christ, for example) or does it involve a narrow slice of time (for example, 1st century AD, more or less)?

Is the Book foretelling a comprehensive history or a narrow slice of time? We believe it is comprehensive, in that Revelation is anticipating the major movements in history which affect the church.   Ultimately we're talking about a series of judgments God brings upon the church and the world and He is centralizing that history, as Noah anticipated. Revelation deals with a series of judgments upon the 7 churches, and is definitely not the case that Revelation is relegated to a short period of time, which, we believe, does great violence to the Book and any issue contending for meaning and any interpretive stance should contend over the principles of the Book. We need to develop what the book itself says, and relegating it all to the first century truncates the issue of the mystery and does harm to the church of Christ, who is then left without the markers of what may warn her of what she faces.

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