February 25th, 2018

Revelation: Why was it written in the first place?

What is the purpose of Revelation? And why was it written in the first place? 

The book of Revelation is designed to open up the mystery of God's will, and does so by using the 7 churches, which are immediately revealed in chapters 2 and 3. So the mystery, since the beginning of the world, is going to now be explained in the book of Revelation, hence it is a prophesy.

Revelation explains the process...the ongoing march...the opening up to the nations, whereby the nations come to understand. It is the church's job to explain the mystery, and that is why this book was written in the first place. And of course the mystery then, will show us the incomparable majesty of the triune God and the reason for the mystery to begin with.

What is the purpose of the Book?
Why is the Book of Revelation so difficult to understand?
What episodes in history may illustrate the impact of this Book upon man and society?