February 23rd, 2018

Revelation: The Goal it is Designed to Achieve

What Goal is the Book of Revelation Designed to Achieve?

Blessed is he that keeps the words of the prophesy of this book. The only way you are going to be blessed, is if you can understand and use this book when it is needed. If you take away from its context and you misinterpret and thereby deny the book's applicability to the time, damage to your stewardship and to yourself could be immense.

It is our understanding that we live in a time characterized by the three frogs in Revelation. If this IS the time of the three frogs... a time when they will be dominant...(Islam and its threat to the peace and safety to the world, and this is the third outbreak of Islam used by God to chasten His people... first at time of Mohammed...2nd beginning at the highpoint of the middle ages... and now, the third judicial witness, globalism the 2nd frog and the third, possibly the most controversial, the medieval church, claiming to be the true church, when it is actually a harlot with the Papacy heading it)...  the goal therefore, in the Time of our Reformation, and we are in one, is to, in a timely manner, identify the engines of Satan and to overcome them. IF the church can properly see, it will receive a blessing from this book in understanding what it has to deal with.... and be cursed if the churches miss the point.

We hope to help the church to stand as Luther did, to bless God’s people. We have the purpose given to us of explaining the mystery of God’s will as found in His Word to the nations and opening that up to their understanding It is a blessing when  we can find our own little slice of history and point to Revelation and help the church to be guided by it. And it is a curse to be confused…and not understand what you are up against.

How many Christians see the three great powers arrayed against them as the frogs of Egypt that covered the planet like they covered the land of Egypt?

The goal…give the Church of Christ the opportunity to explain the mystery and to understand where they stand at any given time in history, and Revelation does that remarkably in reference to the rest of the Bible

What is the purpose of the Book?
Why is the Book of Revelation so difficult to understand?
What episodes in history may illustrate the impact of this Book upon man and society?