February 25th, 2018

Revelation: What You Must Know to Understand

Why is the Book of Revelation so very difficult to understand, since it promises a "blessing" to those who understnd its message?

What must we know in order to understand the book of Revelation?
We have to know and walk with your Lord, no doubt, and you must know your Bible well and understand the purpose of the book as discussed earlier. What is this book attempting to achieve? It is opening up the mystery....why are we here? Is there any purpose to my life? What happens next? What is good and evil? To answer that, there has to be a working understanding of your Bible and parts of your Bible.

The law of God, written by the Prophets, updated the "program" for their era.. so if the Pentateuch is the "software program”, each Prophet provided an update... all still valid, but each Prophet addressing the particulars of the age. The Bible matures and progresses...but you must know the different functions of that progress in the different books.

The Pentateuch lays the foundation in the law of God. We certainly believe that is the reason Satan, in the 19th century and certainly the 20th century, launched an attack on the Pentateuch and its authenticity. There was a disproportionate attack on the first 5 books of the Bible, which provides the foundational principles from which all the rest emanate and are interpreted. If you divorce your New Testament from your Old Testament Pentateuch, you will have a truncated understanding of the New Testament.

The Jordan RiverFor example: Interpreting your Bible...There is a crisis in interpretation... for most don't understand the foundational principles of the Pentateuch. Every book has its own purpose.  When John the Baptist saw the dove coming from heaven and alighting on Christ, he knew Christ was the Lamb of God. How did he know that? He understood he was looking at the sacrifice which for 1400 years Israel waited for, and the dove... also a picture of a poor man's sacrifice, showed him the Sacrifice they had been waiting for.  John, knowing the Pentateuch, understood that.

What is the purpose of the Book?
Why is the Book of Revelation so difficult to understand?
What episodes in history may illustrate the impact of this Book upon man and society?