January 23rd, 2018

Revelation:Does the Book announce a “solution” to the Mystery?

Among ancient peoples, the question as to the Mystery of life was raised without solution. Philosophers of Greece admitted they didn’t understand why we are here or why there is evil. Revelation opens the Mystery of life on earth.

The mystery is being opened up starting with the ministry of Christ. The Prophet's writing, as in the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 is a bit enigmatic... "His soul made as an offering of sin". In the Old Testament they weren't certain what that meant. It is revealed in the New Testament. The Old Testament is, in a sense, a darkened room. The elements are there for explanation, but the New Testament turns on the light. The mystery, even greater than that, is to the world around... Why am I here? Why is there sin and death? It reveals the problem of good and evil. The book of Revelation prophesies the solution to the mystery. We'll parallel Romans and Revelation in such that the Book of Romans gives us our worldview doctrines, and Revelation shows us how these doctrines play out. It is the duty of the church to explain the mystery of the nations.

What is the purpose of the Book?
Why is the Book of Revelation so difficult to understand?
What episodes in history may illustrate the impact of this Book upon man and society?